Jacqui Olliver

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Jacqui Olliver

Life, Sex and Relationships: How to Play to Win!

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist at End the Problem, Jacqui Olliver is the “go to” person for doctors and relationship therapists to refer their clients to, to solve sex problems including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, libido problems and being unable to orgasm, WITHOUT DRUGS..

Jacqui will provide us with insights and motivational tips to improve our life, sex and relationships. Jacqui is also available as a speaker to inspire, uplift and entertain your audience.

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Contact Jacqui 

Go to www.EndTheProblem.com, phone: +64 (0)21 815 029, email: jacqui@endtheproblem.com

Jacqui on the Beat Goes On

Have a listen to Jacqui’s radio interview, from April 2015, below.

Speaking Engagements

Jacqui is also available as a speaker for empowering talks on retaining sexual and emotional health in relationships. More than one in three men and women globally, are affected by these problems which can easily be corrected with the right information.

Go to www.EndTheProblem.com