Hip Hoperation Review

10963 Hip Hop eration Poster Final
10963 Hip Hop eration Poster Final

hip hoperationIf you love a good feel-good movie, don’t miss the latest New Zealand film/documentary Hip Hoperation. It is a glorious, funny, poignant and thoroughly uplifting true story about a wonderful group of seniors living on Waiheke Island.

Inspired by their passionate ‘teacher’ Billie, the embark on one heck of a journey; firstly, to teach a group the intricacies of hip hop dance, then to make it to the world championships is Las Vegas, USA. At the best of times, hip hop is tricky, but in this case, the crew’s youngest member is 65, the oldest 94, and includes a gorgeous gal in a wheel chair and one who is legally blind.

Far from being slapstick, it is a truly heart warming story, full of personal anecdotes about the lives of the dancers, their hopes, dreams and challenges.

They embark on their huge plan, with the audacity and attitude that only true adventurers possess. As a viewer, you hope and pray that they make it, but at times the odds seem insurmountable. The love, commitment and effort is spectacular and really restores your faith in human nature and spirit.

Hop Hoperation is full of absolute characters who are not carefully crafted from someone's imagination- they are actually real people. The embody the very best of the Kiwi spirit of ingenuity and openness. 

If you are not moved by the people, the story and the premise, I would eat my hat. It’s an absolute gem of a film. In cinemas September 25.