DIY Fiesta Flowers

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1589 ffnew4

Reprinted with permission from ACP Media (Your Home & Garden).

Create a party atmosphere by hanging these bright tissue flowers around your outdoor space.

To achieve a fiesta look outdoors, make these colourful tissue flowers and hang them around your outdoor space. They create a sense of intimacy if you hang them overhead, as they enclose the space and suggest a ceiling, while still allowing you to see the stars. They look great alongside little paper lanterns, and if you like you can make miniature flowers to place around napkins. Your colour scheme should be hot – deep reds, pinks and oranges tie in with the summery fiesta feeling.

1. Place eight sheets of tissue (usually bought in packs, 500mm x 700m in size) in a pile. Fold the stack in 3cm folds, creasing as you go.

2. Fold a piece of wire in half, and slip it over the folded tissue in the middle.

3. Twist the wire to hold the tissue in place. Cut a piece off each end of the stack, trimming the end into a point. Holding the wire, gently pull out each of the paper leaves, separating them as you go.

4. Tie a piece of fishing twine to the centre of the flower and hang. We hung ours from twine above head.