The Story of our Superior Beef

beefThe journey of Quality Meats starts in the green pasture paddocks of NZ. The company sources only prime export grade Purebred Angus Cattle. The breed and age of a beef beast is hugely important to the quality and flavour of the meat. Often retailers will call their beef “Angus”, but not “Prime Purebred Angus”.

To call beef “Angus”, the breed only needs to be part Angus. Most beef on the market in New Zealand is crossbred. Crossbreeding beef often compromises quality in return for quicker animal growth.

At Quality Meats they know what a difference this can make to the overall flavour and tenderness of the meat and by choice only source “Prime Purebred Angus”.

Carcasses are then processed at the abattoir and hung for 21 days to age and tenderise the meat. Ageing beef carcasses in this way is hugely important to the meat as it effectively relaxes the meat and adds ultimate tenderness. Some beef retailers will often skip this ageing process due to the high volume production line and need to get beef onto the market quickly.

The ageing process is time-consuming and there is a significant loss of weight so only a few butchers do this. Quality Meats considers this a vital step in delivering the best quality beef to your door. They only supply aged purebred Angus as they believe it is truely the best beef available.

When an order comes into Quality Meats, the prime aged meat is cut off the carcass and trimmed up, packaged and couriered out to the customer within the same day. Fresh beef will only stay fresh in a retailer’s cabinet for approximately two to three days after it has been cut up and packaged.

However, Quality Meats vacuum packs all of its meat ensuring that freshness is locked in. The major factor that will spoil meat is the air getting to it. As soon as air is exposed to a piece of beef it starts to discolour and breakdown, hence the reason we vacuum pack all of our beef the same day it is processed.

At Quality Meats, we guarantee:   

– we don’t add food colouring to our meat to make it look fresher than it actually is.

– we don’t inject water into steak to increase its weight.

– we don’t add any preservatives to its meat to extend the shelf life.

– we don’t add any nitrates, artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives to our sausages.

– we don’t store bulk meat frozen and defrost it to sell it fresh

Quality Meats uses an overnight express courier delivery service where meats are specially packed in thermally insulated recyclable ‘chilltainers.’ We also use industry-approved ice packs that keep the meat fresh and chilled for up to 40 hours, guaranteeing it is delivered in top condition direct to your door. Shopping online with Quality Meats is an easy and convenient way to source all your meat and our Prime Aged Purebred Angus is guaranteed to impress.

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