6 incredibly tasty, turkey alternatives for Christmas you wouldn’t know are vegan

Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, a self-labelled “flexitarian” or simply want to try something a little different this Christmas, these recipes are for you. Handpicked by our in-house team of vegans and veg lovers, they’re hearty, healthy and most importantly, festive.   

Mushroom wellington

Juicy Portobello mushrooms? Check. Flaky pastry? Check. An explosion of festive flavour? Double check. If you’re looking for something simple yet delicious to anchor the table this Christmas look no further than this sumptuous vegan mushroom wellington. Baby spinach and caramelised onions add texture and flavour, while a sprinkling of festive herbs and spices keep things Christmassy.

Hearty nut loaf

Even the most dedicated of vegans will admit that Christmas dinners call for a main that’s filling and full of flavour. Rather than reach for a Tofurkey that bears an uncanny resemblance to cardboard, why not whip up this festive cranberry and pistachio nut roast put together by the one and only Jamie Oliver? From its creamy mushroom risotto base and its crunchy nut layers to its sticky cranberry topping, you won’t even look twice at the turkey.

Christmas curry

Who doesn’t love a good old Christmas classic from the “Naked Chef” himself? As well as being downright gorgeous, Jamie Oliver knows a thing or two about how to whip up vegan dishes that are guaranteed to please everyone at the table. Hearty and spicy with a Christmas twist, we love this festive curry. If you want to do Christmas a little different this year why not throw an Indian inspired festive spread?

Eggplant roulade

Eggplant isn’t called the poor man’s meat for nothing. It has a wonderfully chewy texture which means dishes like this eggplant roulade are the perfect way to sub a turkey this Christmas. Throw in a few festive herbs and spices and you’ll have a very merry main.

Baked tofu “steaks”

With chewy tofu, a sticky marinade and meaty mushroom gravy your Christmas carnivores won’t know what hit them. These baked tofu “steaks” tick all the boxes and we love the addition of sherry or red wine to the gravy. Serve with a hearty vegan stuffing and you’ve got a serious turkey contender.

Golden glazed tart

If you’re looking for something a little more delicate this golden glazed carrot, mushroom and hazelnut tart will do nicely. The personal sized servings give it an exclusive touch that will have turkey lovers green with envy. Best to make a few extra!

Do you have any tried and tested vegan Christmas recipes you’ll be serving up this year? We’d love to hear about them.