Moments Not Milestones

Concept illustration that uses footprints to illustrates steps to the happiness.

Concept illustration that uses footprints to illustrates steps to the happiness.

Many of us experience similar milestones in life – graduating from university, getting married, starting a family, becoming a parent or grandparent – these experiences are shared the world over. They are life’s landmarks, and are often exciting or celebrated in a certain way. When you look back over your life, such milestones can be incredibly happy times, but are they the ones that really stand out, or are there other more simple memories that more accurately depict your life?

American company Chevrolet recently undertook a comprehensive poll of parents, grandparents and great grandparents to see what their favourite memories or milestones were. We’d love to hear what ones stand out to GrownUps, so please join in and comment below!

On the top of the ‘highlights of life’ list of those surveyed were:

Dancing – dance inspires joy – whether it was in a living room, on the street or at an organised event, many people recall times dancing with their friends and family a the happiest and most free of their lives.


Beach holidays – there is something about being at the coast which is good for the soul – spending time with special people in old rickety baches, playing on the sand and frolicking in the ocean; it’s simple fun, but something which builds beautiful memories.

General mischief – being a rascal with friends and laughing until your sides hurt, even when getting up to no good was very near the top of the list. What is your favourite rascally recollection? Chances are it was entirely spontaneous, and you remember it vividly, and with great fondness!

Great meals – tastes and smells are extremely evocative – when it comes to the best things in life, food features heavily. The smell of home baking, or family roasts or camp cooking inspires many smiles.

People – we are who we are because of the people we surround ourselves with. All the characters, from teachers to enemies to coaches to the kids in the neighbourhood, shape and create memories.

Milestones can absolutely define us, but it is our memories that make our lives unique. Take a moment to reflect – let’s hope your memories take you to some wonderful places!