Caring for loved ones going through cancer treatment

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No one wants to deal with cancer, but the reality is that many people will experience it during their lifetime. Cancer, unfortunately, is much more common in old age as the immune system struggles to fight off changing cells. There are, however, many things that older adults and their loved ones can do to make cancer treatment easier. Here are some of the best care tips that you can use to help your loved one who is currently experiencing cancer. These can be used in combination with long-term care options for seniors.

Help them cook healthy meals

It is important to eat healthy meals while receiving cancer treatment. However, healthy meals often require extra cooking that many cancer patients don’t have the energy to do. Taking the time to help your loved one prepare healthy meals will make a big difference in their health and overall quality of life. You can go shopping for them or with them to help them pick out healthy ingredients, and then help them with the most challenging parts of cooking. You can even make meals in large quantities that can be stored away for later so they don’t have to worry about cooking when they are tired.

pexels cancer

Make their environment comfortable

When your loved one is going through cancer treatment, they will, unfortunately, have to spend a lot of time in bed. To make this experience more pleasant for them, you can do things to make their environment more comfortable and homey. Make a mix of their favourite songs they can put on, which will bring some life and energy to their space. If their room is naturally dark, buy them extra lighting to give off a relaxing soft glow. Buy comfortable pillows and blankets for them, and print out their favourite photos to keep by their bedside.

Assist them with personal grooming, if needed

During cancer treatment, patients who are spending time in bed may not want to get dressed or groom themselves. However, taking the time to get dressed and fix your hair can actually help you feel better when you are sick. If you are a loved one or caregiver for a cancer patient, one of the best things you can do to help is to offer assistance with this simple daily task. Helping your loved one shave or do their hair will help them feel more like themselves, even when their energy levels are very low.

Support them during their doctor’s visits

Having to go in for chemotherapy or other cancer treatments can be very intimidating, particularly if you have to go alone. If your loved one wishes, you can show your support for them by being there to go with them to the doctor or pick them up after a visit is over. This won’t always be possible, but when you are available, it’s a good way to show your support for your loved one.

Choosing senior living options that support cancer patients can help make your loved one’s life easier. Cancer treatments are improving all the time, so if people who experience this disease have an increased chance of beating the disease. Using these care tips can help make their experience more pleasurable.

This article was written by Holly from Senior Guidance. Holly’s passionate about providing advice for older adults to live healthier lives.