Preacher’s golf

A preacher woke up one Sunday morning and looked outside and saw it was a beautiful day. He decided to skip church and go play golf.

So he called the junior pastor at his church and told him he was sick and couldn’t give the sermon. The junior pastor told him not to worry, he would deliver the sermon.

The pastor drove about 40 miles away from town to avoid being spotted. As he was setting up his first drive on the first hole, an angel leaned over to God and asked him, “Are You going to let him get away with this?”

God told the angel not to worry, he would handle it.

Just as God said that, the preacher hit the drive of his life. The ball travelled all 450 feet to the green, bounced once, and rolled in the hole. The preacher was ecstatic.

The angel asked God,”Why would you let him do that?”

God said, “Because, who is he gonna tell?”

Courtesy of GrownUps member, Lemin.

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