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Kaydees Garden Post
Plants – are sourced from New Zealand’s leading plant propagation companies – who supply wholesale nurseries with starter plants. These are then grown on to the large grade plants you see in garden centres. We’ve cut out the middleman and have sourced these starter plants directly for you. They are smaller than the grades you see in garden centres, but they are also much cheaper, often ½ to ¾ of the price, saving you money. Some are also new varieties yet to be released in garden centres.

Karaka Planters
Have been proudly manufactured in New Zealand since 1995. Mostly made from aluminium, many are handspun, and finished in an array of vibrant colours or natural earthy tones

Kee Wee Tubarama
Specialises in high quality made to order garden accessories and planter boxes available ready made or in kitset form to suit your requirements.