Dress For Success: 3 Proven Tips To Look Like A Winner

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It’s important for people to know how to dress for success. How you look has a lot to do with how other people perceive you, and how you perform at work. When you look like a million dollars, you’ll be more productive. People will generally be more receptive to you and your ideas as well. 

If you want to learn some helpful dress for success tips, keep on reading!

Dress For Success Tip # 1: Neat and Crisp

Everything about you must be neat and crisp. From head to toe, people will be looking at you. The higher your rank, the more important it is to adhere to an appropriate dress code. 

All shirts must be ironed. No wrinkles allowed. Avoid stains on them as well. That’s what napkins are for. 

Keep your face clean. Guys, remove unruly facial hair. I know some people prefer to have a beard or moustache to look like a real man, and I understand that. However, make sure facial hair suits you first and keep it under control. 

Dress For Success Tip # 2: All in the Details

You have to pay attention to details. Accessories, for one, have a significant impact on how other people see you. The kind of watch you wear, or the kind of bag you bring to work every day, speaks volumes about you. 

You might not think that people care about what you have on your wrist; but believe me, they do. They’re just very discreet about it. For work, I suggest leaving your Swatch watch at home (the flik flak one) and don a professional looking watch instead.

It doesn’t matter that your late mother gave you that flik flak watch. It’s giving you a reputation as a kid. And a kid in the workplace translates to someone who can’t handle big responsibilities. 

Another detail that you have to pay close attention to is your scent. Aside from good grooming (which is rather basic), you also have to decide which cologne or fragrance best suits you for work. However, just a few sprays or sprinkle will do, as strong fragrance can have an adverse effect and turn people off.

Dress For Success Tip # 3: Safe Colour Combinations

When in doubt, stick to black and white. With the right accessories, the whole ensemble will look classy and not boring. Other neutral colours such as beige, brown and gray are also considered classic business colours. 

Experimenting with hues is okay, but don’t mix colours you’re not entirely sure of on a day that you need to be at your best. Besides, safe colours provide security and confidence. You know that you look good, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

If you really want to add punch to your clothes, choose only one bright colour and match it with neutral tones. That way, you wont look like you’re trying too hard. 

Follow these simple dress for success tips and I guarantee that you’ll be ahead of the game.

Article by Michael Lee