Don’t be lonely – get out there!

couple dancing

couple dancingLove after 60 exists, it really does. You might have plenty of family members and friends, but sometimes you just want to get next to someone special.

And finding a new love doesn’t mean you’re disloyal to the old one. If you have fond memories of a late or ex-partner, remind yourself that he or she would want you to be happy.

Here’s what to do (and not do):

  • Love yourself. You’re old enough to know how great you are. Someone else will too.
  • Don’t look for a carbon copy of your old love. You want someone new.
  • Let your social circle in on it. Who knows, someone you already like could make a move.
  • Be clear about what you want. Are you looking for a life partner, someone to date, or just a few one-night stands?
  • Try dating online. If you don’t know how, ask your kids or grandkids.
  • Don’t jump in too quickly – take time to know someone online before you give out your contact details. It pays to be careful.
  • Avoid unconvincing, pushy or needy people. Wave a polite goodbye.
  • Be patient – it might take a while to find the right person.
  • If it’s all on, don’t forget you both have families and commitments.
  • Be gentle with your kids. They might be a bit shocked to learn you’re dating and even having sex, but they’ll come around when they see how happy you are.

Ways to meet people

Here are ways to meet new people, and even find The One.

Travel for singles

Lots of tour companies cater for older people, and design holidays for singles looking for love and romance.

Help your community

Volunteer organisations always need fresh faces – Citizens Advice, op-shops, Food Bank, and many more. You’ll meet people of like mind, and also be helping your community. Win-win!

Learn something new

Take a class – art, computer skills, pottery, ballroom dancing. Or join a group that does what you do – like a book club or walking group.

Go to your school reunion

Catch up with people you haven’t seen in 45 years, and you might run into an old crush!

Date online

You can work a computer or smartphone, so you can find dating sites – so there are no more excuses. You aren’t the only one looking – online dating is very popular with over-60s. So swallow your jitters (everyone has them) and have a go – but be safe while you’re doing it.

You have the best shot at finding someone, for one reason – you already know what you want. You don’t have time to play hard-to-get and neither do potential partners.

Here are some New Zealand dating sites and apps you might try – have fun finding love!