Where the Rainbow Fell Down

9748 Where the Rainbow Fell Down
9748 Where the Rainbow Fell Down

By Lynette Robinson

This true life drama exposes an insidious religious machine that frightens people into subservience and compliance.

Lynette Robinson grew up in the shadow of this machine… alongside poverty and neglect.

After leaving home at 14, she is coerced into marriage at 18 to an older man. Years of marital unhappiness follow and she begins educating herself. This leads to her meeting a Catholic Priest… and falling in love

His story is told. Nineteen and naïve, he is easily recruited into the priesthood where he discovers a church at odds with its own objectives. Father Brian questions everything but continues – believing he is doing God’s will.

He then meets Lynette, which sets him on a collision course with the Catholic Church.

This cleverly crafted story about family dysfunction and forbidden love is full of drama and intrigue.

Set against a backdrop of mid-century history it has an undercurrent of inspiration for those caught up in life struggles. It also demonstrates how remaining on purpose will result in finding their way.

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