“Older & Bolder” By Judith Doyle

9742 Older and Bolder Feature
9742 Older and Bolder Feature

When Age is No Limit to Outdoor Adventure

Author Judith DoyleHow Judith's book came into being:

'There are three elderly ladies here enquiring about the shuttle downhill.' I was 66 when I (and two friends) were described that way by a ski operator. Little did he know, but his comment turned out to be the inspiration for this book! I was having some amazing fun in my life at that time and didn't think of myself as 'elderly'. It was a grand time of life because:

  • Children had grown up and gone
  • Husband was easygoing
  • Household expenses were lower than ever
  • Mortgage was paid
  • More time was available
  • Outdoor life is easily accessible in New Zealand.

I'd skied for most of my life and I'd taken up tramping relatively recently. These could be the nucleus of a book! I loved the water, so started kayaking and canoeing again. A chance to go hot-air ballooning and gliding came along and other outdoor adventures like horse-trekking, blackwater rafting and cycling were soon organised to add to the chapters.

Older & Bolder - by Judith DoyleThe older-age theme linked these adventures – I had experienced nearly all of them in what was officially retirement years. I was 71 by the time my book was published.

Why these activities are so easy in New Zealand is not only our accessible environment but also the increasing number of tourist operators that now exist to organise, guide, support and encourage all sorts of people of all sorts of ages in outdoor activities. You can take on challenges with this sort of support that you might never dream of doing on your own.

Try it! Be older and bolder! Surprise yourself and surprise your family even more!

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