Spring into summer smoothly

Summer is here – on most days at least!

And the warmer weather has probably got you thinking sandals, lighter clothing and – togs.  What?!!

As usual, you’ll feel out of time to really prepare a healthy diet plan.

If you’re seeking a quicker solution, one that covers both good nutrition and good discipline, smoothies are the way to go.

Smoothies are a great way to pack good nutrition into a glass without too many calories and without too much fat.  Protein powders can provide the bulk of the energy and you can add super greens and antioxidant nutrients to provide a fantastic boost.

If green vegetables are not a frequent sight on your dinner plate, you might choose to pack your smoothie full of greens.

Blackmores Vitality Super Greens + Nature Boost Antioxidants are certified organic and provide a fantastic variety of greens known for their nutritional content.  The greens are blended with the super grain quinoa for extra vitamins and protein and even superfood berries, goji and maqui.

You can add even more antioxidant berries with Blackmores Wild Blueberry Blend + Nature Boost Vitamin C.  This powder contains wild European blueberries, valued for their incredibly bright blue colour and their high antioxidant value.  One teaspoon of Blackmores Wild Blueberry Blend is equivalent to 50 blueberries.

The beauty of smoothies is that you can make them to personal taste.  And, if like many, your taste is for chocolate then Blackmores Single Origin Cacao is one to try.

This high quality cacao is organic, sourced from the best and sustainably farmed.  It has a moreish bittersweet taste – reflecting its quality and will add a definite ‘yum’ to your smoothie.  You could also use it for raw recipes like bliss balls, slices or cakes.

Blackmores range of superfoods also includes Raw Chia, a great addition to smoothies, raw baking or breakfast cereals, and Matcha Green Tea, an uplifting cuppa for the health conscious containing the finest green tea and B vitamins for vitality.  Green tea is known for its refreshing and cleansing properties.

Blackmores superfoods are made even more ‘super’ with Nature Boost, a boost of nutrition from natural food sources.  In each Blackmores superfood, you’ll find a little extra for even more health benefits.  Look for the Blackmores range in supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores.

Phone the Blackmores Naturopathic Advisory Line on 0508 75 74 73 for more information or check out some superfood recipes here.