Travelling Europe Train versus Coach

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When deciding that you are going to travel to see the many different beautiful landscapes of Europe, the mode of transportation will significantly impact your experience. Ever since the European Union formed, it has made travelling between different countries much more affordable. So whether you are on a romantic getaway, on a family vacation or living up your OE dreams, transportation does not have to put a dent in your wallet.

Taking the train through the various country sides is a pleasurable experience. Many different people of diverse economic statuses that you encounter along the way also prefer to travel by train. The appeal of visiting destinations that are completely culturally different from your home are the people that you encounter and the conversations you have along the way. You will find many different types of rail passes for your journey across Europe that will be affected by how many destinations you’d like to visit and the amount of people you travel with. The fares also take into consideration how many days you would like to travel for.

While you will not be able to simply look out the window and admire the various views of Europe, travelling by train at night will be considerably cheaper. When you travel at night, you will find that they have sleeper car accommodations. In these sleeper cars, there are bunks for you to energize in preparation of your day of sightseeing. The sleeper cars are not private, but the plus side is that you will not lose a day travelling and will be able to spend more time sightseeing.

Taking the train will also deliver you and the people you are travelling with directly into the centre of most cities. You will rarely find yourself in obscure destinations feeling lost and disoriented while trying to make your way back to the destination you actually want to end up in.

Most travellers will choose to travel by train; however what you sacrifice in comfort by taking coach, you will save in expenses. You can travel between many European cities by coach, since many companies will have organized coach routes. Taking coach will most likely be more appealing to students who are looking to save money on their trip. Coach also is more appropriate when your destination is not one of the major European cities, but a smaller town or land mark. Many times once you arrive by train, you will need to find another mode of transportation to get to the smaller location. Coaches will more likely deliver you directly. A few companies will also offer combinations of coach/train packages that ultimately will get you to both the larger and smaller destinations and will provide a cheaper rate altogether.

In the end, it comes down to price and comfort that will affect your decision of whether to go train or coach.

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