Catch winter’s ills before they catch you!

vegetables and fruits

It’s pretty chilly now. And, definitely time for winter woollies and nourishing foods. But are you eating enough of the right foods to keep you warm and well over winter?

Top of the list are good quality proteins (that good ‘ole chicken soup) and nutrients such as zinc and vitamin C. The best food choices are fresh and in their natural state, including lots of colourful vegetables.

Homemade meals, made from scratch, tend to have higher nutritional value and fewer additives.

The problem is that most of us are time poor and struggle to prepare fresh foods every day.

In winter, we also get a bit sluggish and ‘couch friendly’ and seek comfort foods with less nutritional value.

So, stock your fridge and make a resolution to cook fresh and colourful several nights a week and then, consider a supplement to ‘top up’ any nutrients you could be low in.

For example, New Zealand’s latest nutritional survey found inadequate intake of several nutrients that are important to the immune system including the minerals zinc, selenium and iron.

A multivitamin is a convenient way to get these in an easy daily dose. But if you haven’t been taking a multi, choose a stronger, immune specific formulation with a higher level of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D to support your immune system’s power right now.

Lemon Honey and Ginger Drink

It’s worth topping yourself up. One study showed people with the highest levels of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) were less likely to get winter ills. And, those who took zinc and vitamin C had shorter illnesses and less severe symptoms.

Vitamin A is known to support the mucous membranes, our first lines of defence in the nose, sinuses and mouth.

Herbs are also worth adding to your winter health kit.

They have been studied over many years for their effect on the immune system. Garlic and the purple cornflower Echinacea are probably two of the best known. Studies show Echinacea can shorten winter ills and reduces overall risk.

Blackmores supplements contain scientifically studied ingredients. They are formulated by a team of scientific researchers who analyse evidence and effect to ensure key ingredients are included at the right level. High quality ingredients are selected and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners are added.

Key immune support products in the Blackmores range are high potency Immuno Shield, Echinacea liquid, Echinacea ACE + Zinc, Odourless Garlic and Bio C 1000mg, a buffered, gentle-on-the-stomach vitamin C that contains also contains naturally sourced citrus bioflavonoids.