Grownups will continue to be NZ’s biggest online community for people 50+

Well it’s been an extraordinary time since COVID – 19. Globally we have been and still continue to be in the grips of a significant pandemic. Out team of 5 million have done what Kiwis always do that is to pull together, which makes this country an envy of the world, and has provided us with the opportunity to live and play in relative freedom.

The many cases in the community, and alert level changes can be very unsettling for a lot of people. But hopefully with the rapid advances in technology and vaccines, globally we have good reason to feel hopeful.

Many businesses have had to be exceptionally agile to the fast and ever changing business environment. It has been incredible to see how many businesses reinvented themselves and how many new opportunities were created.

We at Grownups also had to manage and endure that changing environment. But like many other businesses we will continue to provide to the Grownups community.

Grownups will continue to be New Zealand’s biggest online community for people 50+.

We will continue to provide special offers, articles, weekly newsletters, games, competitions and a strong sense of community for thousands of Kiwis – both at home and abroad.