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Sleep Is For Babies

We are very pleased to be giving away three copies of Emily McDowell’s book ‘Sleep is for Babies’, to our GrownUps members.

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About Sleep is for Babies

The perfect bedtime read for young children!

Sleep is for babies!
George thought. Not for me!
There’s too much to do and too much to see.

It is George’s bedtime and he is determined that sleep is NOT something he needs. He sneaks outside and, as he explores, he discovers a range of animals along the way, including a possum, owl and frog, all of whom he persuades to play with him. But when it’s his turn to hide, and he buries himself under some leaves, he begins to feel sleepy…

Emily McDowall has written an endearing story of night-time adventures that will appeal to little ones. Julia Hegetusch’s charming illustrations bring the story to life, evoking a wondrous night-time world. This is the perfect book to share at bedtime.

About the Author

Emily McDowall has always loved reading and writing. Her mother instilled a love of literature in her by reciting classic poems such as ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘The Tyger’ when Emily was young. As a teen, Emily was a member of the School for Young Writers, tutored by Glyn Strange. After a spell of writing mostly university essays, blogs and work reports, motherhood inspired Emily to get back into creative writing. This is Emily’s first book and she looks forward to reading it to her young son.

Julia Hegetusch was born in New Zealand but has spent much of her life living in Germany, growing up in a family of artists. She has formally and informally studied graphic design, photography, abstract and figurative art. It was during Covid that she discovered a love for illustration and narrative storytelling. Julia works part-time as a childhood educator, which provides a great insight into the stories that children enjoy. In her free time, she enjoys walking in the mountains or forest, or on the beach. She currently resides in Levin with her partner and daughter.



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