Give Plunket a Hug!


Plunket is a kiwi icon, as much a part of our culture as hokey pokey and pavlova! Nine out of 10 New Zealanders are 'Plunket babies'.

March 4-10 is Plunket's Bear Hug Appeal and Plunket is encouraging people to give Plunket a hug by donating money, time or sharing their skills and experience.

Plunket was established out of a direct need to support parents. 100 years on, the way they support families may have changed but their mission remains the same – working with parents and communities to ensure that New Zealand children get the best start in life.

Today, Plunket is New Zealand's largest provider of services to support the health and development of children aged 0 to 5. Nine out of 10 New Zealanders are 'Plunket babies'.

Central to Plunket is their team of 600 nurses – all registered nurses with a postgraduate qualification – but many people don't realise that there is much more to Plunket than the iconic Plunket nurses.

Plunket's Services

Through over 550 branches, in communities throughout New Zealand, Plunket provides not just free health checks for the under 5's, but also a wide variety of other support services.

While Plunket's free home and clinic visits are government funded services such as car seat rental schemes, toy libraries, parent support groups, playgroups, child safety programmes and parenting education courses are delivered from funds raised in the community. A large proportion of these funds are raised during their annual Appeal.

All money collected locally is used for local Plunket services. Plunket's volunteers work in cooperation with Plunket staff to provide these services to ensure every family in the community has access to the Plunket services they need.


While there are paid staff, Plunket relies heavily on the help of volunteers to raise vital funds and deliver services in their communities.

Volunteers are the heart of Plunket. Many of the services Plunket offers simply wouldn't be possible without the effort of hard working, selfless people who give of their time, knowledge, skills and energy.

Plunket run a volunteer education programme which recognises the passion and dedication of their volunteers. It covers areas such as leadership, communication, presentation skills, health and safety, and educating the community. All great skills which transfer well into paid employment.

Show Your Support

Plunket want to be around for another 100 years but to do that they need community support.

Give Plunket a hug by supporting their March Bear Hug Appeal. To donate, visit your local BNZ or text HUG to 2454 to make a $3 donation.