Travel essentials for nomads over 50


Packing for holidays can be daunting enough, especially when you’re trying to squeeze a fortnight’s worth of essentials into a 25kg suitcase. That’s why it’s important to have a travel inventory at the ready, especially when you hit the other side of 50 and comfort becomes a top priority.

Cue these savvy travel essentials for nomads over 50.


A good set of carry-on luggage

In your thirties you may have breezed onto planes with an oversized tote or duffel bag packed to the brim. But as you age air travel calls for a more artful approach. Rolling suitcases are a fantastic option as they allow you to bring aboard all your travel essentials without having to slug a monolith over your shoulders. You’ll also have plenty of space to throw in a bottle of duty free wine.




A comfortable pair of sandals

Whether you’re exploring European cities, relaxing at a tropical beach resort or riding safari Jeeps in the African savannah, a comfortable pair of travel sandals is an absolute must. Looking for a design that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort? Check out the offerings from Ecco, a premium Danish owned company known for its versatile, travel-friendly shoes for both ladies and gents.


Hiking pole

If you’re planning an active holiday a trekking pole could quickly become your new favourite travel accessory. They minimise pressure on your joints and muscles which can be an enormous relief in both urban and outdoor settings. We love the offering from MacPac, a homegrown Kiwi company. Use yours for strolling the streets of San Francisco, rambling in the Irish countryside and beyond.


Hydrating mist

Keep your complexion looking lush with a handbag friendly hydrating mist that can be spritzed anywhere, at any time – perfect for long-haul flights and sun-drenched days of sightseeing. For an all-natural approach opt for pure rosewater, which will leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling divine.


Silk pillowcase

Say goodbye to lacklustre hotel pillowcases and hello to a new secret weapon that will help minimise frizzy hair, combat complexion creases and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, no matter where you lay your head. Want to know more about the benefits of silk pillowcases? Check out our latest article on why you need one in your bedroom, and travel inventory.


Smart phone and data

Do as the millennials do and arm yourself with a working smart phone next time you hit the road. They’re especially handy for cities when you need access to things like Google Maps, Uber and on-the-go restaurant recommendations. Pick up a sim card when you get to your destination or get organised in advance with a pre-loaded travel sim card.


In-flight cocktail kit

Flying with a budget airline? Maybe you’re settling in for an overnight train journey? Keep yourself well-watered with these nifty carry-on cocktail kits that allow to you craft perfect Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules, Margaritas and more.


Do you have any not-to-be-left-behind travel essentials?