Ten Top Travel Tips

1785 kayak sunset feature
1785 kayak sunset feature

Article by Jason Sands.

Travelling within the country or abroad, alone or with friends, you’ll need to keep a lot of safety precautions in mind. This will ensure a safe trip for you as well as your fellow travellers. The following 10 travel safety tips will save you a lot of hassle when you are out of home.

1. Make your passport and visas up-to-date before you venture out to overseas destinations. Do not forget to fill the emergency information page available on your passport. It could be really handy in times of crisis.

2. Learn something about the culture of the place you are going to visit. It would save you a lot of embarrassment and ensure a safe vacation. Learning some key phrases of the local language, such as “help”, can get you out of trouble situations if you are separated from your tour guide. In case you are travelling alone, then hiring a guide who speaks both the languages would be very useful.

3. Walking in a group is safer than walking alone, especially in thinly populated areas. Having company or staying in a group would add to your enjoyments. Thieves and robbers usually target those who travel alone.

4. Always use covered luggage tags and try to avoid putting your home address on an open luggage tag. Your company’s address can be used if you are out on business or you can put your friend’s address on the tag if you are visiting them.

5. Keep your ears open to your inner voice. Be aware of your surroundings and follow your intuition as most of the times it is correct. Women, single parents and older people become easy prey to crimes against tourists. So be alert all the time when you are on your own.

6. Before you check-in, make sure that your hotel or resort is not in a crime-prone zone. Keep the phone numbers of local medical practitioners and the local police, if you are putting up at a luxury resort in a remote location.

7. Try not to bring any valuables such as jewellery or electronic gadgets when you go for vacation. Don’t forget to keep your valuables or money including traveller checks and credit-cards locked away in the safety deposit box provided by your hotel.

8. If you are going for safaris or other adventurous expeditions with your family, then you need to take special care of the children. Make sure that they do not leave your side, as they can become easy targets for predators.

9. Don’t be too adventurous while checking out the exotic local cuisine. If you are not careful, you can end up with allergies, dysentery and other types of infectious diseases. Hence, have food only at those places which appear clean and hygienic. Your tour operator can guide you well in this regard.

10. Take proper care of your baggage. Tourists are often a soft target for thieves and pick-pockets. Spending some amount of money in buying locks would actually be a great idea! Various types of locks such as combination locks, lightweight cable locks and different sizes of padlocks can ensure the safety of your luggage while you travel.

This assortment of useful tips for safe travel will surely make your vacation a wonderful experience that will be fondly remembered all your life!

Jason Sands is an experienced travel advisor and currently works organising Whitsunday and Airlie Beach Accommodation deals along with Whitsunday cruises and sailing holidays.