Royal travel tips: How to travel like her majesty

At 91, it’s understandable that the Queen is winding down her travel commitments. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t have a wealth of royal knowledge up the sleeves of her elegant tweed frock. In fact, in the duration of her reign she’s visited 128 countries on a total of 271 trips. Want to know how she does it? Read on for the scoop on Lizzie’s royal travel tips.

A dose of barley sugar

Barley sugar sweets are a long-time favourite with Brits, and apparently they’re also the Queen’s secret weapon when it comes to beating jet lag. While they don’t contain caffeine or help you get to sleep, lifestyle experts explain that the sweets can be used to influence the body’s sugar metabolic pathways, which can help adjust the body clock to its new environment. You can incorporate it into your routine by starting every morning with a barley sugar sweet. Your body will soon come to associate the morning sugar hit (and distinct barley flavour) with a cue to get up and go. Continuing the trend on your first morning in your new destination will help to get you in sync with the new time zone. If you ever feel tired during the day, simply pop another sweet and you’ll be good to go.

Creature comforts

Just because you’re travelling it doesn’t mean you should scrimp on creature comforts. In true British style, the Queen always travels with a monogrammed kettle and a healthy stash of Earl Grey tea. While you can probably lose the kettle, if your daily cup of rooibos or oolong feels non-negotiable, why not pack a travel sized stash? She’s also said to travel with a hot water bottle.

A royal tipple

While it’s important to stay hydrated while you travel, the Queen herself will testify that there’s always room for a gin cocktail. In Her Majesty’s case, a splash of Bombay Sapphire mixed with a dash of Dubonnet fortified wine and a slice of lemon. How refreshing.


A trusty travel handbag

Every monarch needs a go-to travel bag, and the Queen loves the offerings from Launer London. Built on a tradition of fine craftsmanship and superior materials, the brand retails beautiful bags for every travel occasion. Of course, they do come with a royal price tag. The good news is you can get equally as beautiful bags from local NZ designers like Saben.

Dress for the occasion

The gorgeous Angela Kelly is the Queen’s senior dressmaker and does an incredible job at keeping Her Majesty’s outfits are on point. This includes making sure they complement backdrops. For example, if you’re visiting Yellowstone National Park why not try packing a few pieces in burnt orange or bright turquoise to set off the incredible landscapes? If you’re heading to Cuba your city snapshots will look incredible with clothing in bright primary colours, while trips to India call for floaty fabrics, kaleidoscopic colours and intricate patterns. You may have noticed that the Queen isn’t afraid to dress from head to toe in bright colours, so don’t be shy.

Sturdy luggage

If you’re a frequent flyer like the Queen luggage should be considered an investment. According to luxury luggage brand Globe-Trotter, Her Majesty purchased a set of suitcases for her honeymoon back in 1947 and has been using them ever since. If you’re thinking of splurging on a new set this is the perfect excuse.


Do you have any tried and tested travel tips? We’d love to hear them so go ahead and share in the comments below.