Discover Fiordland’s Best Kept Secret on the Hollyford Track

Craving an adventure? The Hollyford Track offers a unique opportunity to lace up your boots, take the path less travelled and embark on an invigorating journey of discovery in your own backyard.

From snow-capped peaks and shimmering glaciers, to sandy beaches and turquoise bays, the Land of the Long White Cloud is a feast for the eyes. The Hollyford Track combines the very best of Aotearoa, stretching 56 kilometres from the mountains to the sea and showcasing a wave of magnificent scenery along the way.

  • The time needed to complete the Hollyford Track independently (non-guided) ranges from four to eight days, depending on your fitness level and whether you prefer a leisurely ramble or a brisk pace.
  • With no alpine sections, the Hollyford Track is rarely snowed in which means you can ramble in any season, weather depending.
  • There is a guided option to walk the track with Hollyford Valley Walks which takes 3 days and reduces the walking distance to 43km.

Highlights from the Hollyford

 While every second of the Hollyford is a highlight, here are a few moments you’re guaranteed to savour along the way.

  • Starting your journey among the rugged granite peaks and vertical rock walls of the Darran Mountains
  • Hugging the banks of the Hollyford River as it meanders through
    Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Area
  • Early morning walks through the sun-dappled native silver beech forests
  • Soaking in local Māori history and feeling dwarfed by Mount Tutoko, a towering peak named after one of the last Māori chiefs who watched over Martins Bay
  • Stepping back in time at the doomed pioneer settlement of Jamestown and walking in the footsteps of local farming legend, Davey Gunn
  • Catching the first glimpses of postcard-perfect Martins Bay and the breathtaking West Coast

Discover rich biodiversity and cultural heritage 

Meandering through Fiordland National Park, the Hollyford Track captures the incredible biodiversity of New Zealand. As you hike, you’ll find yourself admiring the world’s tallest moss, gazing up at ancient Totara and Kauri trees and savouring the woody scent of Pepperwood trees. The track also offers a special chance to spot native fauna. Watch for Cheeky Kea and Kākā parrots in the forest, and Fiordland Crested Penguins, New Zealand Fur Seals and Kōtuku white egrets by the coast.


Comfort meets adventure

Despite its remote feel, the Hollyford Track is surprisingly well maintained for the most part. This means you’ll swap boulders, tree roots and muddy sections for a track that’s a pleasure to walk. Along the way, DOC huts provide well-earned shelter for weary travellers.

If you like the idea of sipping Central Otago Pinot Noir, warming up by a crackling fire and sliding into a comfortable bed at the end of the day, you’ll love premium guided hike provided by Hollyford Valley Walks. Promising luxury where you least expect it, the Hollyford Track 3 Day Wilderness Experience is a favourite with experienced walkers who want to raise the bar and bring a touch of comfort to their next adventure.

How to walk the Hollyford Track

 Independent hikers can hike the Hollyford Track via the Demon Trail, staying at DOC huts along the way. Alternatively, take your experience to the next level with the Hollyford Track 3 Day Wilderness Experience guided option featuring luxury accommodation, meals and jet boat/helicopter transfers.

With such an incredible opportunity at your fingertips, why travel across oceans when you can discover such incredible raw natural beauty in your own backyard?