New Book Reveals Scientifically-Proven Ways to Get Functionally Fit After 50

If you feel that as the years go by your body is slowing down, kilos are piling on out of control and joints are getting stiffer it’s probably not just in your head and it’s not your fault.

Have you caught yourself thinking: “I better do this now because 10 or so years down the track I might be too old?”

You might be looking at your own parents and thinking “I don’t want to end up like that”.

“What the future holds”

If you’re anything like most over-50 people today you start to wonder what the future holds with a high degree of uncertainty. All of a sudden the prospect of getting older hits home hard.

According to Statistics NZ 59% of over 65 year olds in this country are disabled? The question is are you doing enough now not to become one of the 59%?

The sad thing is that the fitness industry caters mostly for the youngsters and unfairly ignore the very people who need their help the most.

“…but the great news is…”

Luckily, thanks to the two local Howick health professionals, there is a solution:

Gavyn Berntsen and Alex Blazhevskyiy have gone through tonnes of the latest scientific research and say that aging doesn’t have to be a scary, miserable experience.

“The ultimate solution”

According to scientists you can significantly slow down your aging process and likely even reverse it. So Alex and Gavyn put together a NZ’s first comprehensive health programme exclusively for people over 45 with the main focus on helping you do exactly that.

“Proof that it works”

The Growing Younger Programme has evolved over the last 3 years into a predictable, reliable system that delivers results over and over again. One of their members Penny lost 45 kilos during a 15-month period in the programme.

Many of other Growing Younger members have lost weight, got stronger, healthier and more energetic, feel better and very importantly more confident. To see more of the Growing Younger transformational stories go to our website and scroll to the bottom of the page.


The programme now operates out of a newly-fitted fitness studio at the Howick RSA.

They feel so passionate about the subject that they put all their knowledge and research into a newly published book: “How to Feel & Look Younger: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Functionally Fit After 50”

Gavyn and Alex didn’t want those people outside of the East Auckland area to miss out so….

They decided to give away 15 of their books for absolutely free to the “Grownups” readers.

How to get a copy of the FREE book

To get your free copy simply click here.

Entering your golden years should all be about enjoying a well deserved break, spending quality time with your family, grandkids and travel.

So request your FREE copy of the book now.

Only the first 15 people will get the book for free. After that you can still order a copy of the book with a $7 discount.