Five Unmissable Sights of Cornwall & Devon 

Devon Coast
Devon Coast

Devon and Cornwall are located in the far southwest of England. They are one of Britain’s most visited areas, with its stunning sandy beaches, valleys and landscapes of moorland. Here’s our top 5 unmissable sights for a trip down to Cornwall and Devon. 

Step into Jane Austen’s world in picturesque Bath 

Even the simple act of exploring the cobbled streets of Bath is a treat for the eyes. Magnificently well-preserved Georgian architecture lines the length of the city, hosting everything from kitsch shops, cosy cafes and galleries inside. As you wander through the city, you’ll come to understand why Bath was a trendy destination for trendy society in the 1800’s, and the backdrop for many of Jane Austen’s characters. Stare in awe at the stylish image of the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge, and the Circus, taking the opportunity to have a photo in front of this iconic backdrop. After that explore the Roman Baths, where the city’s natural thermal springs fill up the site with natural water. And whilst you can’t take a dip in the emerald-tinted waters of the Baths themselves, you can in the nearby modern Thermae Bath Spa – the only natural thermal hot springs in Britain you can actually bathe in. 

Get lost in the magnificent rooms of Longleat House 

Longleat House – one of the most famous pieces of Elizabethan architecture and home to the 7th Marquess of Bath. Listen to your footsteps echo throughout the magnificent halls of this regal home, where libraries are filled with over 40,000 books and Flemish tapestries adorn the walls. With over 450 years of history, you’ll have plenty of tales to absorb yourselves in. Had your fill of Elizabethan history? Stroll through the well-trimmed gardens bordering this stately home – the perfect end to the day. 

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Devon Coast
Devon Coast

Enjoy a traditional cream tea near coastal Devon 

Mingle with the local community in the notable market town of Totnes, tasting your way through the town’s overabundance of independent fairtrade shops and local cheesemongers. With Totnes on the doorstep of the River Dart, there are plenty of beautiful countryside walks around the area for you to stretch your legs, too. Worked up an appetite? Head over to The Old Forge for a spot of cream tea; a combination of freshly baked scones, clotted cream and jam. The real question however – and one that divides Devon and Cornwall residents – is cream or jam on top of the scone first? We’ll let decide. 

Drive through the scenic roads of Dartmoor’s mysterious moors 

Take a trip through the dark landscape of Dartmoor. Everywhere you look you can’t fail to be impressed by all Mother Nature has to offer; dense forests, snaking rivers, wetlands, and craggy rock structures. Above all let the roads lead you towards the capital of the Devon area – Princetown. Thereafter lies one of the country’s most infamous jails, where you can find yourselves carried away in the bloodthirsty tales of the ‘Max Axeman’ and ‘The Princetown Massacre’. 

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Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge – one of the world’s ancient wonders 

The prehistoric site of Stonehenge was first built around 5,000 years ago. With it’s ancient stone circle erected around 2500 BC. This World Heritage site holds many unanswered mysteries including the origins of its presence, with no written records of how it was created in existence. One story comes from Arthurian legend, involving the help of the wizard Merlin in transporting Stonehenge over from Ireland. Other stories even include the chance of extraterrestrial life-forms. Therefore, whatever the origins of Stonehenge may be, it’s safe to say that this famous site is an unmissable landmark in British culture.  

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Know of any other sights to explore within Devon and Cornwall? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.