Simple Rules for Staying Stylish

Rules for Styling

It’s a misnomer that only thin people look stylish. There are many ways the more voluptuous person can improve their image, it’s just a matter of sticking to some basic rules!

What you have to remember is the thinner and younger you are, the more you can get away with, the older and larger you become, the more effort you need to put into your outfit – but it’s far from impossible.

Why not try some of the following ideas.

  1. Fit is all important – if clothes fit you well they look more expensive. Also, if you’re clothes are too tight, you look squeezed into them. People will just think you’ve put on weight, you’re not fooling anyone, and the reason size tags are on the inside of the clothing is so no one needs to know what size you’re actually wearing. Don’t like the size? Cut the tag out. If something doesn’t fit well, and can’t be easily altered, don’t buy it!
  2. Quality construction and fabric – better fabrics and closer stitching will always win over cheap looking patterns and loose threads hanging off your clothing. These ruin the effect of your clothing, and draw attention to your clothes when you may not want this to happen.
  3. Think vertical – Avoid horizontal lines, try to include multiple vertical lines, from a centre row of buttons, to front creases in your trousers, princess seams or a jacket left undone. Vertical lines lengthen and slim the body, horizontal lines shorten and widen it.vertical stripes
  4. Fabric makes all the difference – a soft, drapable fabric that skims (not clings), will make the world of difference. Any fabric that looks like it could stand up on its own will only make you look bigger. Also, the more textured or bulky a fabric, the bulkier you will look.
  5. Colour – the right colours draw attention away from your perceived flaws – find out your colour direction with a colour analysis. You can then draw attention to your face and features, away from your body parts you dislike. The right colours will make you glow and look fabulous, and nobody will be looking at your body because they won’t be able to stop staring into your beautiful eyes!
  6. Accessorise – great jewellery, necklaces and earrings in particular, will draw attention away from your body and up to your face – use them to distract and highlight.
  7. Great Shoes – often comfort becomes the all important feature of shoes, but consider how different shoes can make an outfit look – are yours helping you look stylish or dowdy?
  8. Proportion is key – the mistake many clothing manufacturers make for the larger lady, is that along with being a bit wider, you’ve also grown 7 feet tall, and suddenly all the tops are too long. This can actually make you look shorter and wider as you lose leg length, and leg length makes you look taller and slimmer.

Courtesy of Imogen Lamport