Single Cruises

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Owing to the demand for cruising lines, there has been an increase in the number of single travellers who wish to spend some time of theirs’, cruising. The peak of number of singles is the valentine season, when singles that do not have a date go on a vacation and be with others who have the same predicament as them. This is the time when special singles prices and discounts are offered to customers along with special singles activities and events related to the Valentine’s Day.

When you go as a single, you are a stranger to everyone around you in your cruise. So, those who know the purpose of a single cruise remain casual and get acquainted with the others around them. A single cruise offers many activities for singles travelling and gives opportunities for everyone to interact with one another, giving you the chance to not only meet a special someone but make many new friends.

If you wish to enjoy the sun, the beautiful resorts, taste the rum; the Caribbean single cruise would be the best for you. But if you wish to enjoy romantic moonlit nights and taste red wine, a European cruise will be the better choice. There always will be a cruise that covers all your needs, whatever they may be. Remember people are down laying a substantial amount of money to be on these cruises – so the usual fears can be somewhat relaxed. However, do be on your guard, some people can be deceptive or manipulative on their travels and know that innocent souls can be found on single cruises.

Some useful tips to help you to decide on you cruise:

1. Single travellers will be charged at single rates. This is because the most rooms are designed for two people, so cruise lines add extra charges for one person per room. The price is not going to be a 150 or 200% extra charge, but it will be a bit costlier.

2. The cruises give up the additional fees if you board with someone else. In case you do not wish to share your privacy or your room with someone else, pay extra money and reserve a room for yourself.

3. Look at broadsheet or look in the internet if single cruises are still available. There are also cruise ships that are pre-booked by singles organizations that allow only their members to join. However, many of these companies allow non-members also to join. But, for this, non-members will need to pay a higher price than the ones paid by the members.

Even though you join these groups, you will be a single only. The good thing is that you will meet other singles and socialise with them. You can be comfortable as they are also single cruisers just like you, who are looking for love or companionship.


By Genna Roberts