Unstoppable: Remain Relevant in Retirement

Remain Relevant in Retirement

When retirement offers all the potential in the world, why is it many approaching this milestone are so afraid of it? As it happens, it’s not ageing itself that frightens those in the 50 plus bracket, it’s the fear of becoming irrelevant because of it– of no longer being viewed as vital, interesting, attractive, useful or desirable. But the fact is, remaining relevant is up to you. If you want a life full and rich, regardless of age, pay attention to these important tips:


If there’s one given, it’s technology will keep on changing. Instead of dreading this, and clinging on to your outdated devices for dear life, upgrade. Here’s the secret – do it sooner rather than later so the steps are incremental rather than overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask friends, relatives and salespeople for help navigating new technology. As it turns out, the younger generation will be doing exactly the same (it’s just they probably won’t tell you unless you ask!).

Make younger friends

We make new friends throughout life. If you’re not making friends with younger people, it’s almost certainly not their fault. It’s much more likely because you’re afraid to approach them! Whether you’re volunteering, playing sport, at work, or just being a neighbour, make sure you engage with young people. It can be as simple as offering them a ride, sharing your tools or skills with them, or stopping to chat on a dog walk. Do whatever it takes to engage!

Embrace social media

Once upon a time, Facebook was for teens. Now it’s the domain of seniors. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it also pays to keep up with what else is out there, and how it works. So don’t be afraid to explore TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. You may never use them, but you will be able to understand what someone who does is talking about!

Upgrade your style

If you’re not being noticed as you want to be, do something about it! Talk to your hairdresser about a new style or colour. Browse magazines and the net for clothes that suit your body shape. Shout yourself an appointment with an image consultant. Head to the makeup counter for some new tips and tricks. Buy some tooth whitening strips. Make a point of wearing jewellery – even if it’s round the house! C’mon – you can do this!

Knowledge upgrade

Make sure your conversation is vibrant by keeping up to date with current events (and be sure to choose reliable, reputable media to help you do so). Learn more about an interest you already have so you can share your knowledge with others. Learn about an interest a younger family member or acquaintance has (that way you’ll be able to talk to your grandchildren or your neighbour about what they’re in to).

Listen up!

When you’re with younger people, listen to them, and hold your tongue, even if you might not agree with everything they say. Your role isn’t always to advise (unless you’re asked to). Besides, the more you listen, the more you will be asked to comment.

Be open to new ideas

There’s no doubt much of what we hear about new trends is shocking, and not what we’d choose for ourselves. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take an active interest in understanding more about them and why they appeal to others. By staying informed on everything from music and health trends, to new sports and fashions, you broaden your own understanding of the world, and can talk about issues important to others outside your own circle. And that makes you a more interesting person!

If you really want to remain relevant as you age, keep up to date with what’s new and different. You don’t have to embrace it all, but simply being aware of it will make you a more confident, interesting and attractive person to others of all ages!