Retiring To The BOP – As Good as It Sounds?

The Bay of Plenty is one of New Zealand’s top holiday destinations. With some of the best weather than NZ can offer, it’s hard to deny that it is a dream location. The BOP offers the sights, sounds and joy of coastal beach living, but does it live up to that beautiful promise? Don’t worry, It’s not just you that’s curious. Here’s actual retiree’s Chip and Dell recounting their experience making the move to the blue skies and sunny beaches of Papamoa Beach Village:

Phone interview with Chip and Dell – Residents at Papamoa Beach Village

How long have you been living at Papamoa Beach Village?

Since 2011, 7 years – The village has grown a lot!

How did you decide on Papamoa Beach Village?

We had a friend living at Papamoa Beach Village who often went away on holiday, so we offered to care for her dog. This gave us a real taste for what life was like at the village.

When we were house sitting we would often be invited along to village events, it gave us a chance to meet some other residents. In 2011, when we made the move from Central Hawkes Bay, it was really nice to see familiar faces in the village.

Security was important for us and our family, we found that at Papamoa [Beach Village].

It’s also nice to know our home and our belongings are safe when we go away on holiday or go to visit our family.

What did Papamoa Beach Village offer that other retirement villages did not

We love being so close to the beach, Chip and I like living by the ocean. Papamoa [Beach Village] really does feel like a community. It has grown significantly since we first moved in in 2011.

It’s great to be able to form new friendships with like-minded people over a game of cards.

We have vegetable plots, for residents to plant fresh vegetables and a putting green, we have many golf fans here in the village.

What would you say to someone thinking of moving into a Metlifecare retirement village

Chip and I did not take the decision to move from our family home lightly but the sense of security, independence and community [here] is incredible. It has really been the right choice for our future.


Find out for yourself what the beach lifestyle can do for your retired life. If you want to learn more about the lifestyle, new found friendships and sense of community that Chip and Deb are enjoying: check out for more information or give us a call 0800 METLIFECARE

And as a bonus, if you choose to settle before the 28 June 2019 you will enjoy a 20K cash back at Papamoa Beach Village.*

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