It’s all Greek

its-all-greek-1Rest home and hospital, Radius Matua, is a friendly, warm and welcoming facility in the heart of the Bay of Plenty.  It exudes tranquility and a homely family atmosphere.

As such, staff are always looking for new culinary delights and dining experiences to keep things interesting for their residents.

Greek Independence Day saw the main hall transformed into a Greek Tavern where staff dressed up as beautiful Greek goddesses and the kitchen crew prepared a feast worthy of Mount Olympus.

The spread included olives, feta, roasted peppers, figs, scallops, calamari – and that was all for the starters! Mains included a choice of baked fish, lamb or vegetarian moussaka and followed by a beautiful spread of lemon syrup cake, fig and almond tart, and fresh fruit with Greek yoghurt for dessert.

Residents thoroughly enjoyed the meal and were then entertained by the Radius Matua Facility Manager and staff members who attempted the Zorba Dance which gets faster and faster until everyone collapsed in fits of laughter. A fun atmosphere enjoyed by all with many asking ‘When is the next one?’

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