How to retire

Ideas on How to Enjoy These Years Fruitfully

Most people look forward to this phase in their life with certain expectations and some lucky ones actually manage to see these expectations become realities. However, for the majority of people, the initial excitement usually wears off even before they learn to settle into retirement.

The usual dreams of taking up a new language, travelling the globe, learning new skills, writing a book, the list goes on, is very common. All these are really good and productive ideas, but without a game plan to go by, these remain just dreams. A lot of studies have been conducted over the years, and most, conclusively find that retired people who take on part-time work, have a hobby that requires a high level of commitment, are involved in social activities and generally keep themselves occupied daily, tend to have better health and certainly suffer from fewer diseases.

Back to “School”

It is not unusual to hear people lamenting about the fact that they were forced to study and excel in a certain field due to parental pressure or circumstances of the times. Now that you are retired and there is no one around to dictate your destiny, you may want to take up that course you always dreamed of. Doing this usually gives a person new zest in life and certainly allows for the excitement of being on a new adventure, even this late in life.

New exciting things like taking up guitar course on the internet or teaching yourself using can be done without too much expense. Besides the enjoyment you would get out of this, indulging in a pursuit like this will also give you a sense of direction and a goal to work towards. So what are you waiting for?

Living Life Outside an Office Cubicle

For most of your adult life, you have found yourself indoors looking out and wondering what it would be like to simply wander around aimlessly, enjoying the city you live in. Rarely does time or money permit this, and if there are family members to consider, this most definitely only remains a fantasy. Now is your chance to get out there and explore. It does not have to be done in a day or veven in a year. You have a lifetime to explore anything and everything at your own pace. If you live near the beach or near nature, get out there and experience what nature has to offer. The ocean breeze, waves gently crashing to shore or the lively chirping of birds is yours to enjoy. Most young people take time off from work and pay lots of money to travel to far away destinations to enjoy experiences such as these, so there is no excuse to keep you indoors and sulking about retirement.

Keeping Sharp and In The Know

Some people worry about not being able to stay up-to-date with the latest developments especially if their working years centred on education, computers, technology and other ever-changing arenas. If you happen to share the same concerns, then using you skills you can stay connected to the “working world” by volunteering your services to help young minds. Doing volunteer work in your particular field will still give you a sense of connection and will help you to feel useful while productively contributing to society. It will also help you to stay keen on keeping abreast with the latest developments and you may even learn a thing or two from your young students.

Being a Tech Savvy Junkie

There is nothing more surprising than seeing granny whizzing through the internet and enthralling grandkids with the latest information on the net. Most kids today live and breathe “the internet” and if you can interact with your grandkids on this level, you will certainly the a popular and much sought after person. Age or retirement should not stop you from surfing the net to learn new things and keep in touch with the world. Respect and admiration will be yours if you take the time to indulge in this activity daily. Being able to hold the attention of everyone during a conversation on the latest internet elements, will not only be pleasantly shocking but will command the respect of all.

Pets and Retirement

Although you may view having a pet as a nuisance, research has been able to prove that caring for a pet actually keeps a person happier and more fulfilled. Retired people with pets tend to be more friendly and approachable instead of the usual grumpy grouch. Pets tend to bring out the loving side of a person and by having one you can keep your sunny disposition intact. Pets are also a great way to help you make new friends. This is especially so when you are out walking your pet.