Helping out with Meals on Wheels deliveries

meal-on-wheels-deliveries-3Residents and staff of Rest home and hospital, Radius Hawthorne in Christchurch are a close-knit team always looking for ways to contribute in their community.

The facility has a number of younger residents and a key role of Hawthorne staff is to ensure they have a full daily schedule in order to keep active and involved both inside and outside the rest home.

When the Radius Hawthorne facility manager recently read an article in the Christchurch Star about The Red Cross and its shortage of volunteer drivers for its Meals on Wheels service, she had a light-bulb idea – it would be a great opportunity for some of her younger residents to give back to the local community and volunteer for the Red Cross.

As anticipated, a team of residents were eager to put their hands up to help and a plan was  made between residents, Meals on Wheels coordinators and Radius Hawthorne’s Activities Coordinators to start delivering meals. Since Monday 10th of April, and every Monday thereafter, Radius Hawthorne Activities Coordinator, Chandra, has taken residents to deliver Meals on Wheels all around Christchurch.

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