Finding A Healthy Dog Food Diet

Finding a healthy dog diet

Today pet owners are savvy about the dangerous ingredients found in store brand dog food. The question is, how do you find a healthy dog food diet for your pet? The answer lies in the labelling. If you know what to look for, you’re ahead of the game. If you don’t know which ingredients are harmful to your dog then please read on. Here’s how to find the healthy dog food diet you’ve been looking for.

1. As a general rule, cheap foods use cheap ingredients. The inexpensive dog foods on the market may use low quality ingredients, so tread with care. A healthy dog food diet will be AAFCO compliant (American Association of Feed Control Officials).

2. Feeding your dog should begin with meat. Dogs naturally like various types of meat, including chicken, turkey, beef or fish. Furthermore, they also need other healthy ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Whichever brand you decide upon make sure it contains no artificial flavouring or colouring. It’s not good for humans and it’s not good for dogs. Finally, make sure the label includes a small amount of fat and some omega-3.

When reading the label check the list of ingredients by starting at the top. The first thing on the list is basically the largest component of the food. If it starts out with grains like corn, soy or wheat then move on as these ingredients can lead to health problems.

4. If your dog has health problems, you might want to choose a nutritious dog food where the grains start further down the list and uses ingredients like brown rice, barley, oats, potatoes or other easy to digest choices. Check with your vet which is best for your pooch.

5. Giving your dog a healthy dog food diet can also mean fewer visits to the vet and fewer medications.

When you understand the benefits of a healthy dog food diet you’ll also know you’re prolonging your dog’s life. You’re also reducing the chances of disease, such as diabetes and cancer. It feels good to know you’re giving your dog the happy and healthy life he/she deserves. The bottom line is, find a food which has been tested by AAFCO to be sure you are giving your dog a balanced diet.

Article by Angel Ireland