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Special Skills

Gears of teamwork at sea. Executives walking inside gears at sea demonstrate the power of cooperation and synergy.As you move through your career, you develop particular skills which benefit the company and the industry.

Employers have four categories for their workers, the Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers (aged 52-70) and the Silents (aged 71-88).

While the Millennials and Gen X-ers often hog the headlines, with their technical wizardry and drive, the Baby Boomers and Silents make up just over a third of the total workforce, and offer unique skills.

They are:

  • well educated
  • work well in a team
  • know how to minimise risk
  • thrive on completing tasks
  • driven by achievement
  • confident
  • self reliant
  • open to professional development
  • good communicators
  • well mannered
  • reliable

They are particularly valuable to businesses with a strong ‘face to face’ focus, as they communicate well with customers and have a high level of social intelligence. They are also excellent mentors and role models within a business, who have a crucial role in passing on experience and training others.

Generation X-ers are currently aged 36-51 and offer:

  • a strong work ethic
  • a family focus
  • great mediation skills
  • social adaptability
  • critical thinking skills

Millennials, aged 19-35, are:

  • highly technically aware
  • very socially connected
  • resilient
  • interested in teamwork
  • involved in social activism

Successful businesses and employers find spaces for all age groups, as they all offer valid viewpoints and experience. With the right leadership, all generations are able to work together and learn from one another effectively. Whether you are advising younger people about their career, or still working on your own, don’t be afraid to showcase your skills and play to your strengths!