Monica Louis

11334 Monica Head shot
11334 Monica Head shot

monica louisLife begins at 50+; it may be just an expression but it’s absolutely true for me.

I was born in Holland, close to the borders of French speaking Belgium and the German industrial north.  I guess crossing real and virtual borders has been in my blood so it’s probably not surprising that I’ve enjoyed working in travel and tourism.

The other early inspiration in my life is musical theatre and it has brought me a dual career singing jazz and chanson plus working and living in six European countries before moving to New Zealand.

As freelance travel writer my stories have appeared in publications in New Zealand, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Italy.

In 2003 I moved to the rural heart of the North Island to be close to my aging mum. It was the middle of nowhere then, but our region is rejuvenating thanks to the NZ Cycle Trails and Te Araroa (the NZ Walking Trail).

My French husband Maurice and I have started our B&B close to the Timber Trail and we indulge in providing hospitality for stray travellers.

So I’ve gone from travelling the world to the world traveling to my doorstep.  At ‘the other side of 50’ I have started to live the life I love.

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