Body Language Tips For Men

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Most men have such terrible body language that simply by learning a few secrets, you can instantly stand out from the crowd. Every man can become more attractive; body language is one of the most important for increasing your attractiveness, and making a better first impression. So what can you do starting from today?

1. Plant yourself when standing still

Put your feet slightly wider apart than is natural, don't shift your weight. Notice how your feet feel planted. You can stay like this for long periods of time. This is how martial artists stand, it is a solid base.

2. Do not fidget, fiddle, or touch face

What do you normally do with your hands? Twitching and fidgeting is very unattractive. Look around and see it in other people. It makes you look nervous. Keep your hands by your sides. Place the thumb on the index and middle fingers, this removes the natural need for the fingers to constantly be doing something.

3. Don't look down

Keep your head up. If you need to look away, look up, never look down, its a sign of weakness and also looks unattractive. You can observe this in others. Looking down even has been proven to have a bad effect on your mental state.

4. Make slow head movements

High status males everywhere, on film, in business and in your social circle have certain things in common. One of which is slow, smooth movements. Look around slowly and smoothly, don't dart around and jolt your head around like you have been drinking espressos all day long. Think smooth, think James Bond. James Bond has very attractive body language, and smoothness and lack of fidgety movements are the main elements.

5. Walk more slowly and smoothly

This is more high-status behaviour. By being smooth and comfortable you give off a sense of quiet confidence. You stand out from the people rushing around. In a bar or club, slow it down even more, you will stand out, in a good way.

6. Hold your drink by your side

When you have a drink, hold it by your side. It is a blocking action to hold a drink in front of your chest.

Do these things and you will make a better first impression and stand out from the other men in a room. If you are ever internally uncomfortable, you can still appear confident and composed by following the above rules.

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