Older New Zealanders are a growing force for good through Spend My Super

Among everyday New Zealand superannuants, a movement is gathering power. A compassionate sea of people who have lived their lives well are coming together with a shared vision. That vision is to stamp out childhood poverty so all Kiwi kids can reach their full potential.

When Liz Greive, became eligible for her super, she realised she could live comfortably without it. It troubles her that 1 in 4 New Zealand children is born into poverty. Liz says she pictured physically taking the money and handing it to someone who needed it, but that was hardly practical.

It struck her that others in her generation are equally as generous. Now, with Sarah Trotman, ONZM onboard as Chief Executive, Spend My Super helps superannuants easily make a difference, whether it’s a small portion of their pension or all of it. Everything helps.

“With many hands, each doing our bit, we can really change the future. Those of us who have managed to set up lives free from want can give others in society an opportunity to do the same. Together we can be proud to know we’re helping leave the state of equality in Aotearoa better than when we found it”, says Liz.

Liz was right when she thought others might also want to use some or all of their pension to change children’s lives. The Spend My Super community is growing quickly with donors like Shona and Robin.

Shona has chosen to give while she’s still working. Although she could use her pension on her long personal wish-list, she recognises the need is greater for some of our worst-off children.

Robin says, “When I compare my story with the outlook facing many of today’s children, it’s difficult to believe the stark contrast.” He likes Spend My Super’s commitment that every dollar goes straight to the charity – Spend My Super is privately funded to ensure this. In some cases, matching arrangements can even double the value of your donation for the charity.

Spend My Super also takes care of the due diligence. It has chosen twelve outstanding charities that are making a measurable impact. Some offer emergency support for things like food or warm clothing. Others address education. They work at the highest levels of policy advocacy too.

Spend My Super’s website, www.spendmysuper.org.nz makes giving straightforward and transparent. When you visit you’ll see a list of all of Spend My Super’s charities and you can choose which you’d like to support, how often and what amount. Sarah keeps in touch through regular newsletters to share the charities’ work and their impact.

Spend My Super is rallying those who fortune has favoured, Liz says. It’s easy to join this incredible ‘silver wave’ and help build its momentum as a force for good.

If you’d like any help or more information visit www.spendmysuper.org.nz or contact Sarah directly by email sarah.trotman@spendmysuper.org.nz