Internet dating part 2: Tips for communication and security

One of the reasons that many of us choose not to go down the internet dating path is because we’re worried about scams and fakes. We’ve heard stories about poor people who’ve lost their life savings, and even friends who say they been catfished – apparently there aren’t 20-year-old supermodels who want to chat, after all!

That’s no reason to dismiss internet dating. If you keep your wits about you, you’ll be able to date with ease and confidence. That’s why we’re sharing some of your best tips about staying safe while internet dating.

Date within your area

Most of the scams that you’ll find (that are the real money draining ones) come from dating people outside of your country. Even though they may be amazing and real, if you find yourself getting on a plane and heading to another country, it could be a whole other story once you get there and actually meet them. For the safest dating, stick to our shores – or Australia if you want to look a little further afield!

Pictures look too good to be true?

Super attractive person interested in moi? It’s all my dreams come true! Or… is it? If your online love interest has model good looks (and especially if you do not!) then it’s often a case of the fake photos – and you don’t know what the person that you’re talking to actually looks like. A reverse Google Image search can be a great tool to have up your sleeve. Often, fake images have been pulled directly from the internet, which you’ll find when using this tool. You can also ask to video call to verify identity.

Their responses seem a little strange

Unfortunately, there plenty of bots lurking on online dating sites and apps – robots that people have designed to talk to you! If you are having a conversation with someone and their responses seem a little strange, or they appear to be avoiding your questions (or misunderstanding them a little) then you might just be talking to a bot. Use your powers of detective work to try and uncover the truth – it shouldn’t be too difficult!

They ask you to send money or “compensation”

While this one sounds like a given, sometimes we get so wrapped up in a good feeling that our instincts fail us. Perhaps you’ve been chatting for a while, or even been on a date or two in real life. If anyone asks for money, then simply don’t do it. While you might give a small loan or donation out of the kindness of your own heart, don’t expect this money back, nor trust that it’s being spent on what they tell you.


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