Tricks to Managing Home Maintenance

Tricks to Managing Home Maintenance

Living alone for the first time as a grown-up can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to home maintenance. However, as with most things, once you establish a seasonal routine, everything seems (and is) much more manageable. Part of that routine is booking, well in advance, the services of a tradesperson who can handle the tasks you can’t manage yourself. Leave it to the last minute, and you may find they’re unavailable. So if you’re ready for the challenge, get started with this seasonal checklist of essentials, and our top tips for success:

Seasonal checklist


• Check taps (inside and out), hoses, and connections to water tanks for drips and leaks.

• Touch up smaller paint jobs such as window surrounds and ledges, fences, and deck railings.

• Note down major paint work that needs to be attended to and book a trades person, or ask a family member to help you tackle the job.

• Fill cracks and dips in paths with instant concrete.

• If on a sceptic tank system, have it sucked out.

• Order in fire wood.

• Book painter if required.


• Waterblast paths and decks to help keep them slip-proof.

• Call in the chimney sweep.

• Clean out spoutings, down pipes, and storm drains.

• Trim back foliage from walls and roof.

• Apply double glazing film to windows.

• Replace broken curtain hooks.

• Seal up gaps around windows and door frames with self adhesive foam tape.

• Remove insects screens from doors and windows if they are likely to be damaged by high winds.

• Stow away any outdoor equipment (such as garden chairs) that could blow against the house in high winds.


• Regularly inspect spoutings for overflow and remove blockages if necessary.

• Check storm water drains are not over flowing.

• Check basement and garage for flooding or leaks.

• Clean out soot from soot trap in solid fuel burner.

• Mop up condensation from windows each morning.

• Ventilate your home whenever possible by opening doors and windows on dry days.


• Wash algae build-up from exterior paintwork.

• Inspect roof for wind damage.

• Remove fallen branches from the section.

• Clear spoutings and downpipes of twigs and other plant material.

• Inspect decking and fences for signs of deterioration.

• Check walls (and inside the back of cupboards) for signs of mould.

All seasons

• Check pressure gauges on fire extinguishers, and update if necessary.

• Clean filters on range hood, air conditioner/heat pump, clothes drier, washing machine, vacuum cleaner.

• Vacuum and scrub drainage tracks in your aluminium windows (the tracks hold drainage holes that carry away moisture from condensation).

• Check smoke alarms

• Check insurance policies and update as required.

Top tips for success

You can do it!

As well as making regular maintenance checks, stock up on essential equipment that allow you to repair and replace the little things around the house. A set of screw drivers means you can tighten screws, yourself, on sagging cupboard doors, hangers, and chairs. A lightweight but safe set of kitchen steps will help you change a lightbulb and replace a smoke alarm battery. Grab yourself a hammer and nails in a range of sizes so you can secure a loose piece of decking or fence paling.

Up skill

Increase your confidence around home maintenance by attending DIY workshops (ask at larger hardware stores for details), and by tuning in to YouTube videos. You’ll find they cover every maintenance issue you can think of, from how to clean the trap in your sink pipe, to how to unblock your washing machine pump.

Adopt a tradesperson

Ask around among friends, family, and neighbours for the contact details of a reliable, local handyperson (you don’t always need a qualified tradie to do the little jobs). If the maintenance issues are minor, and can wait, save them up so they can be attended to in one swoop. It will save you time and travel costs.

Managing your home maintenance while living alone isn’t impossible. It’s simply a matter of vigilance, and dealing with tasks as they arise. You can do this!