GrownUps Christmas 2017

I don’t pretend to be a poet, and so, while this might have rhythm and rhyme in places, this is simply a list of all the things I’m grateful for in my life as we approach Christmas time and whatever the New Year brings.

A – Is for the Air we breathe and Appreciation for what we have. New Zealand is the best.

B – Is for Butterflies and Books that gently touch my inner self, and the Beach where I can rest.

C – Is for Coffee and Chocolate (dark), our Caravan which takes us away, and characters who lead me astray.

D – Is for Daffodils and Daughters, who brighten any day.

E – Is for my Ears, to hear the sounds of laughter and the sadness of tears, and the special voices of all those I hold dear.

F – Is for Family and Friends who make my heart sing with felicity and good cheer.

G – Is for Grandchildren, and Gardens where I can count my blessings.

H – Is for Hugs from my Husband and the Happiness he brings

I – Is for Ice-creams on a warm summer’s day, eaten on a picnic rug

J – Is for January and June when Jumpers keep me snug

K – Is for Kisses and Kindles I can carry with me wherever I go

L – Is for Loving and Laughing and feeling aglow.

M – Is for Music and Moonbeams, and Manuscripts gone to be fixed

N – Is for Nature and Nurture, and nuts, premixed

O – Is for Open minds and Open hearts, and Oceans on which to sail

P – Is for Pretty Pink blossom with Perfume to inhale

Q – Is for Questions that set my mind whirring

R – Is for my Roses, their beautiful shape and aroma so stirring

S – Is for the Sun and Sky, and Super Sons and Songs to Sing

T – Is for Today and Tomorrow and the hope they bring, and Tui in the Treetops in full swing

U – Is for Umbrellas in the pouring rain

V – Is for Vintage, our old Austin car that is, and the Vegetables I like to eat.

W – Is for a glass of Wine as an evening treat

X – Is for Xmas, badly spelt, short for sharing and caring and giving heartfelt

Y – Is for our Yesterdays, and the memories they hold

And last but not least, Z is for Zips and Zinnias flowering in the heat, and acting Zany just for kicks.

Be bold, be free, be uncontrolled.

Merry Christmas everyone,

I hope you can find your list of ABCs. I’d be so happy if you would share them with me.


By Vicky Adin, 

Author & book lover.

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