Fabulous Fertilisers

rich organic mulchRegardless of what you do around your home to keep it beautiful, preparation is key. In the garden, soil preparation will set the base for successful growing. Your soil requires particular nutrients depending on what you are growing – fruits, vegetables and other plants require different minerals from the ground. Here is a guide of what fertilisers and soil conditioners may be useful in your garden.



Lime will brings soil acidity to optimal levels, unlock nutrients and boost plant growth while conditioning the soil. Lime also breaks down organic matter for a healthier soil and is great added to the compost bin to improve compost quality. Garden Lime in useful in several ways:

  • it increases resistance to pests and disease
  • aerates heavy clay soils
  • conditions the soil structure, allowing better access to nutrients in the soil

Some lime also includes magnesium, essential for chlorophyll production and to encourage healthy leaves – low levels of magnesium is a common cause of yellowing leaves.

Once soil conditioning is sorted, the next step is feeding your plants to encourage strong, healthy plants.

Blood and Bone

Blood and Bone is a natural fertiliser which will slowly release nutrients for healthy plant growth, particularly when enriched with seaweed.  With sustained release, nutrient wastage and leaching is reduced, providing your plants with ongoing nutrition.  

It will also aerate and encourages earthworms and microbes which in turn, unlock nutrients in the soil.  Phosphorous aids root growth while the added seaweed encourages strong, healthier roots and increased plant resistance.

To create lush foliage, try specific Fish Blood and Bone – it is an all-purpose fertiliser for foliage, flowers and fruit, which will also stimulate worm activity.


For flowers and fruits to flourish, try feeding them with potash. A rich source of potassium, potash fertiliser encourages larger, tastier fruit and abundant flowers. Sulfate of Potash will strengthening plant stems, branches and roots while improving resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress.

Seaweed is an overall tonic for plant health, delivering stronger roots and improving resistance to stress conditions such as heat, drought, frost, pests and disease.  It also reduces transplant shock in new plants and is a great kick start for seedlings. Seaweed will also strengthen the roots in your lawn, encouraging lush growth.


Fertilisers can be applied in several ways – either sprinkled and dug into the soil, or even more easily spread as liquids, which you can ‘hose in.’


Often they come with a hose applicator attachment, meaning there’s no mixing and no mess and the one product can be used across the entire garden – vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and lawns. Ask your local garden centre about what will really kick start your soil for optimum spring growth!