Sweet Treat For Christmas

timmTime for some rum balls I think…Merry Christmas everyone!
Here’s a little Christmas treat for you to make – TIM TAM BALLS! – One of the easiest and most delicious recipes ever. Good luck with just stopping at one!

2 packets of Tim Tams
3/4 can of 395g condensed milk
Desiccated coconut or grated chocolate

1. Crush Tim Tams in a blender.
2. Fold in condensed milk.
3. Roll mixture into balls, and then roll in coconut or grated chocolate.
4. Refrigerate until firm.

Use cream cheese instead of condensed milk and/or dip the balls in melted chocolate instead of coconut or grated chocolate. You can also make an adult version by adding some rum when you fold the condensed milk in.

By Kay Rayner. Read more here.