Christmas Gifts that Keep on Giving

1501 xmas present resize
1501 xmas present resize

If you want to give a present that won’t be lost at the back of the drawer, give one that keeps on giving.

For Adults:
• Buy a gift on behalf of your friend through Oxfam Unwrapped. Donate a goat, seeds or other gift to those who need it most. Your friend receives a card detailing the gift they have given.

• Buy carbon offsets in your friend or family members name.

• Visit Trade Aid and stock up on divine fair trade chocolate or coffee.

• Buy tickets to a concert or festival event.

• Buy Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century.

Worldchanging is a resource full of ideas to help readers make a difference in all aspects of life from work to the home. Brought together by Alex Steffen, co-founder of

• Buy recycled or vintage jewellery or glassware. Try Trademe or search on Google for online stores specialising in recycled gifts.

• Gardening tools to help those you love grow their own food.

• For the trampers or campers in your family get a portable solar powered battery pack.

For Kids:
• Give an annual pass or a membership to a zoo or museum.

• Organic cotton cuddly toys or clothes. There are increasing number of online retailers in New Zealand and overseas selling organic cotton and bamboo clothes. Cotton crops use vast amounts of pesticides and fertilizers taking a heavy toll on earth as do traditional dying techniques.

• Buy the Dr Seuss classic, The Lorax, which tells the tale of the destruction of the Truffula forest.

• A few colourful garden pots, some seeds or seedlings then watch their delight as the garden grows.

Jo Buchan