Tips for taking a road trip with grandkids 

Taking a road trip with grandkids is a great way to foster positive relationships and have fun. Sharing a holiday gives everyone a wonderful experience you’ll all talk about for years to come. Lots of planning will need to be done before you hit the road though, so make sure you consider a few of these tips before you go.

Grandparents Taking Grandchildren On Trip In Open Top Car

Tips on Taking a Road Trip with Grandkids

It’s all too easy to forget how challenging it can be taking kids away on holiday. As grandparents, we don’t have it any easier but we do have an advantage in that we’re not the parents and may have a few unknown tricks up our sleeves. Planning is key to a successful roadtrip as these tips show …

Are We There Yet? 

Car rides can be long and boring for children, so keeping them entertained is key for both your sanity and theirs. A road trip with grandkids should involve plenty of pit-stops. Letting them loose on playgrounds, beaches or a quick blast on their bikes or scooters along the way works wonders. Audiobooks, board games, sticker books and magnetic games are all good entertainment options in the car or campervan. Encourage older kids to make a travel journal or write postcards. You can even Take a portable DVD player or an iPad to keep them entertained during downtime.

Think of Mum & Dad

Make sure you plan things out with the kids’ parents and perhaps suggest that the kids call home every night to help ease any anxiety. Once you have confirmed you will be doing a road trip with the grandkids, plan it out with their parents to make sure they are happy with the itinerary.

Talk through what foods the children like and what routines they usually have. Be sure to stick to their usual bedtimes so they don’t get too strung out! Remember to take a first aid kit with plasters, antihistamine, painkillers, insect repellant and a thermometer too.

car food

Think About Food

Kids are ALWAYS hungry and if you have food pre-organised, it helps prevent those expensive stops in cafes. If you are dining out, think about visiting family-friendly restaurants that provide things for kids to do like activity packs. Keep plenty of drinks and snacks on hand in the car. Don’t overdo the sugar and feed them healthy snacks like cheese, fruit, sandwiches, popcorn and plenty of water.

Think of the Kids

A road trip with grandkids is about them, so plan your day-to-day activities accordingly! Involve them in the planning so they get excited and look forward to the road trip. Look at pictures of places you will be going and talk about what they can expect to see and do there.

Think About Staying at Camping Grounds

Camping grounds can be very child-friendly with great facilities like swimming pools, mini golf, trampolines and playgrounds. They are also a safe and easy place to ride bikes and scooters.

Planning a road trip with grandkids is a blast. Get the kids involved in your planning and make sure you are organised. Planning out meals and making sure the little ones have plenty of entertainment options will ensure everyone makes plenty of beautiful memories.