The best headphones for people with hearing loss

One of those pesky things about getting older is that your body isn’t quite capable of what it used to be. We aren’t able to lift as heavy things, we might get sore or tired faster, and, for many of us, our hearing starts to decline.

We may not be able to hear as well as we used to, which may make it difficult to find the right audio tech products that’ll work for us. For some, that even means that a hearing aid is necessary. Rather than removing your hearing aids and cranking up the sound in your in-ear headphones (and potentially do further damage), you should think about investing in a new set of headphones that really suit your purposes. You can now purchase headphones that are made specifically to replace your hearing aids while you are wearing them. They’re also great for those suffering from some hearing loss but it’s not bad enough to get hearing aids yet. The future of technology, eh?

Sennheiser Set 880

The Sennheiser Set 880 is marketed as a headphone system that provides the full headphone experience to those with ”changing hearing needs” in the home. The set is cordless and features a docking station so those you can plug into both your TV, as well as any other audio device with a standard headphone jack – including your mobile, a radio, or mp3 player. It is a great quality device and is specifically targeted at people whose hearing is no longer what it used to be – however, as we mentioned it is for home use only, not for on the go, and the design is a little strange, like a doctor’s stethoscope.

Bose Hearphones

Bose are a name recognized internationally for their superior audio products, and they have now dipped their toes into the hybrid hearing aid/headphone market with their Bose Hearphones. Gimmicky name, cool product. The Hearphones are in ear buds and help to isolate sounds and reduce background noise when they’re used as hearing helpers, and have other controls for helping when watching TV, listening to audio, or chatting on your mobile phone. They’re wireless, and look similar to a range of Bluetooth headsets on the market, with a sleek profile and a band around the back of the neck – and they can be used anywhere.


With the smallest physical profile on this list, the Nuheara IQBuds earbuds are what you want to get your hands on if you want the most natural looking hearing assisted headphones on the market. A new startup originally from Perth, Australia, Nuheara tout the IQBuds as “The world’s most intelligent earbuds”. These super small ear buds sit tightly in the ear and are wireless. They offer sound isolation, working like hearing aids, and allow you to listen to music blended with the surrounding environment, as well as on its own.