Improve your golf game – and your health

golfing for health

If you’ve been thinking about going to the golf course to improve your game, but haven’t made it there yet, we can think of a good reason or two to get your swing back. Golf is a sport that involves a lot of walking and muscle memory, which can improve your general health. Its leisurely pace makes it accessible for players both young and old. And golf equipment, from shoes to carts, are designed to be easy to use and healthy for players with or without a disability.

Golf Reduces Muscle and Memory Decay

Golf is about more than motor memory. Golf involves determining subtle, changing factors like wind direction and changes in elevation from a distance. That’s why studies suggest golf players may have improved mental clarity even at older ages. Walking, even the brief parts done by those with golf carts is also shown to improve cardiovascular health. So, if you hit the golf course regularly, you can see a physical and mental improvement alongside a better golf swing.

golfing for health

Golf Rehabilitates Injuries

Plus, because golf puts a greater emphasis on critical thinking and fine motor control than other sports, it’s easier to access for younger and older generations. Moreover, it is easy to access for those with disabilities. Golf has been used in rehabilitation for those with mobility issues and muscle injury recovery. A regular golfing routine can help to build, and tone muscles focused on mobility rather than power muscles, making it a good starting point for getting back into shape.

Golf Equipment Has Led To Safer Daily Tools, As Well

Golf is about more than the motions, though. So much of golf comes down to the equipment, from proper gloves to golf shoes designed for the trimmed courses. These shoes are designed with extra padding and often inlaid soles, to reduce the impact on your knees and prevent sores. For this reason, golf shoes, like other parts of golfing equipment, can reduce injury when used in everyday life, and many brands are adapting their designs for daily needs now.

What It All Means

Golfing regularly can improve your health, and help you to maintain basic muscles required for mobility. Because of that reason, golf is great for growing teenagers, for those who’ve suffered severe injuries, and even for older generations. And the equipment of golf has begun to permeate everyday life, from eco-friendly golf carts that cut down on emissions, to golf shoes whose well-padded designs protect people’s feet and reduce the chance of sores on and off the course.