‘Muki and Pickles’ by Ross Murray

Muki and Pickles

Muki and Pickles

Published by Beatnik Publishing, RRP $30.00, www.beatnikbooks.co | A highly original and captivating book from an award-winning author.

One morning while exploring the woods, Muki and Pickles spot one last peach on the tree across the stream. How will they get across the water to pick it?

Muki and Pickles is a beautiful story about friendship, resourcefulness and the quest for one delicious peach.

A tale of friendship and resourcefulness, told with a quirky sense of humour. The illustrations use an appealing colour palette and style that enhances the charm of this engaging story. Includes a fun appendix with information of how to tie knots and to bake an upside-down peach cake!


Ross Murray is an author and illustrator from the Bay of Plenty. Influenced by a combination of comic books and vintage advertising, his illustration clients include Lonely Planet, Marvel, NASA and Disney. In his spare time, he makes picture books for kids and comics for grown-ups.

Awards & Previous Publications:

Epic Series, Lonely Planet, Ongoing
Rufus Marigold, Earth’s End Publishing, 2019 Goldilocks and the Three Polar Bears, Craigmore Creations (USA), 2016
2016 INDIES Finalist
Designer Institute NZ – 2015 Best Award