‘Grandpa Versus Swing’ by Tania Sickling

Grandpa Versus Swing

Grandpa Versus Swing


Winner of the 2020 Storylines Joy Cowley Award, this is Tania Sickling’s picture book debut.

Uh-oh – Grandpa’s stuck in the swing!

He tried to jump out, but the new swing had got him! It danced around with him – stuck fast to his bottom. He bounded and bounced like a featherweight fighter. He floundered and flounced – but the swing just got tighter.

Young at heart Grandpa has taken his grandchildren to the new playground. After leaping into the swing, he discovers he is in a bit of a pickle … stuck, far from his dinner, and no amount of effort from the kids can budge him. Grandma to the rescue!

Narrated by the grandchildren, through fits of laughter and concentrated concern, Grandpa Versus Swing is a heartwarming tale of mishap and rescue. Tania Sickling’s text dances on the page with faultless rhythm and great wit: fun to read aloud and in groups. Superbly illustrated by Lael Chisholm, who captures the spirit of playful Grandpa beautifully.

About the Author

Tania Sickling grew up with her siblings on a farm near Morrinsville where she had plenty of time and space for creative play, to venture into any world she cared to imagine, to draw, to write or to read about. She studied literature and linguistics at the University of Auckland and was the winner of the 2020 Storylines Joy Cowley Award for Grandpa Versus Swing.

About the Illustrator

Lael Chisholm has loved drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. After years of scribbling and doodling at school, home and any other place where a pen and paper was handy, she decided to call her scrawls art, and to share them with the world. Lael won the 2017 Storylines Gavin Bishop Award for Illustration, and has since illustrated two popular Granny McFlitter books. In 2020 she illustrated her first book for Scholastic, Chris Gurney’s The Hug Blanket, which was nominated for a NZ Booklovers award. Lael currently lives and works in Palmerston North.

Published by Scholastic NZ | RRP $19.99