Paper Flowers – How to Make a Valentine’s Day Arrangement

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It is one of the most popular if not the most popular day of the year for weddings. Florists all over the country are busy arranging flowers into heart shapes and making bouquets of roses and other assorted flowers. Paper flowers – how to make a Valentine’s Day arrangement with a few simple instructions does not have to cost a fortune nor does it have to be a dreaded adventure.

In this article we will look at paper flowers – how to make a Valentine’s Day arrangement the easy way. The first and most important thing to realize is that while many people choose the rose as their valentine’s day flower you can choose any flower you would like whether it be for your wedding or to just give to someone you love or care about on the day of love.

Before we get started with the arrangement ideas it is probably a good idea to know what each color of the rose stands for, seeing how many people will stick with tradition and give roses.

• Red – Is the most popular color and means – love, passion and respect.

• Pink – Is the second most popular color and means happiness.

• White – Comes in third and means – innocence and purity.

• Yellow – Is very popular in the spring and summer seasons more so than in the fall and winter and means – happiness, new beginnings and joy

• Lavender – Although rarely seen in a fresh flower bridal bouquet means love at first sight.

If you choose to go with another type of flower the meanings for each color are:

• Red – Means love and passion. 

• White – Is the most popular color and means purity.

• Pink – Is also a popular color and means love and gratitude

• Yellow – Represents happiness and new beginnings.

Red is no doubt the most popular color for Valentine’s Day flowers followed closely by pink.

Crepe Paper flower arrangements can be as simple as a few flowers tied together by a ribbon, a bouquet of flowers in a vase or an arrangement in a coffee mug or a porcelain style tea cup. You can use gems to fill the bottom of the vase or tiny little beads.

Making the flowers is not hard but the more imagination you have the better floral arrangement you will be able to create. One of our favorite arrangements is an assortment of colored roses attached to a cardboard cut-out of a heart. You can use a single color or an assortment of colors, just be sure to alternate the colors. This arrangement can be hung on the wall and your valentine will think of you each time they see it. You can also put a picture of the two of you together in the center. This is a perfect gift for a newly married couple.