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A side shoot, growing from the axil of a leaf of the main stem. In many fruit trees it is these shoots that bear the flowers and ultimately the fruit.

A method of propagation by which a branch of a plant is bent down to the ground where it takes root; the rooted section can then be severed from its parent and transplanted. It is most useful for plants that can be slow or reluctant to root from cuttings; some plants will layer themselves naturally.

The main central growing shoot of a sapling, which eventually thickens to form the trunk of the adult tree. A double leader results when the leader forks at a narrow angle, regarded as undesirable because it weakens the tree.

The primary photosynthetic organ of green plants above the level of mosses (though even mosses have leaves of a sort).

One of the several leaves in which a compound leaf such as a rose leaf is divided. A leaf has a bud in its axil; a leaflet does not.

A member of the large Pea family, which includes Peas, Beans, Clover, Lupins, Wisteria, Acacias, the various brooms, and some trees such as the Cassias. They all share the ability to draw nitrogen straight from the air, by courtesy of bacteria that live in nodules in their roots.

See Citrus.

Leptospermum Electric Red
Electric Red has been selected as a striking garden plant from NZ's Crop and Food Research Institute's breeding work with New Zealand and Australian Leptospermum species.

Let’s Go Gardening Magazine
Let’s Go Gardening is a NGIA publication specifically aimed at the garden centre customer. Currently it is published three times a year: autumn, spring and summer. The detail is presented in an easy to read, colourful and informative style.

See Weeds, Lichens & Moss.

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Liddle Wonder's a nursery long associated with some of the best garden plants New Zealand's seen: Cupressus Golden Halo, Ceanothus Blue Cushion, Plumbago Royal Cape, Cupressus Golden Halo, Federation Marguerite Daisies, Loropetalum China Pink, Leptospermum Aphrodite, Saxon Vireya Rhododendron, Cupressus Golden Halo, Coprosma Rainbow Surprise, Eriostemon Bournda Beauty, Cupressus Limelight, Viburnum Beauty and many more.

A compound of calcium added to soil to make it more alkaline, and also to improve the structure of clay soil; a tropical fruit of the genus Citrus; deciduous trees of the genus Tilia, also known as Lindens. See Citrus.

Jim Penman began Jim’s Mowing in Melbourne Australia in 1982. It is now the largest lawn mowing franchise in the world.

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Have a selected range of more than 150 easy to grow varieties for growing either in the garden or as pot plants. Their large bulbs give you more flowers, a longer flowering period and their strong stems will withstand high winds.

Living Earth
Living Earth make superb compost based products, including Living Earth Compost, Living Earth Garden Mix, Living Earth Mulch, Living Earth Lawn Mix and Living Earth Potting Mix.

Living Outdoors
Outdoor furniture.